XT Controlled Substance Manager

  • XT Controlled Substance Manager with Auxiliary Cabinet and Cybernet - In Use
  • XT Controlled Substance Manager with Auxiliary Cabinet and Cybernet
  • XT Controlled Substance Manager Auxiliary Cabinet with Steel Doors

Close Gaps in Controlled Substance Management and Accountability

How effectively are you tracking controlled substances between the pharmacy and patient care units? The Omnicell XT Controlled Substance Manager (CSM) improves management of controlled substances throughout the hospital. It integrates with the Omnicell XT and AcuDose-Rx Automated Dispensing Cabinets, providing perpetual controlled substance inventory management and an automated audit trail.

  • Addresses the challenges of managing controlled substance inventory, helping the pharmacy comply with regulatory standards while increasing efficiency

  • Protects patient safety and reduces hospital liability by providing full accountability of drug movement from wholesalers, to the pharmacy and patient care areas, and back to the pharmacy

The Omnicell XT Controlled Substance Manager can be used with secured cabinets, refrigerators, and shelving within secured vaults. The Omnicell XT Series Automated Dispensing Cabinet offers greater capacity, so you can maximize narcotic storage in a small footprint. Its advanced fingerprint bioID system helps reduce the risk of drug diversion in the pharmacy.

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  • Streamlines systemwide controlled substance inventory demands to a single purchasing platform for an enterprise view of inventory usage and medication expenditures

  • Improves the accuracy of medication costs and drug information introduced into the system through automated receiving

  • Ensures an accurate and timely process for dispensing controlled substances throughout the hospital

  • Supports compliance with regulatory standards—maintains complete audit trail to ease discrepancy resolution

Electronic Ordering and Receiving

  • Provides direct Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) order processing and associated audit trail compliance

  • Enables electronic controlled substance ordering based on established par levels and reorder points, to reduce stockouts and delays to patient therapy

  • Maintains appropriate inventory levels across your system with sitewide ordering and receiving

Efficient Means of Compliance

  • Shared database with Omnicell automated dispensing systems provides consistent patient, user, and formulary information, streamlining daily database maintenance

  • Controlled substances placed in External Return Bins are queued in Controlled Substance Manager as pending transactions, closing the loop on returns and streamlining return processing

  • Barcode support for all functions: receipt, issue, return, and waste of medications

Documentation Support

  • Audit-ready transaction reports of varying levels of detail are available

  • Reports may be reviewed on screen, scheduled, emailed, printed, or exported to an electronic file

Closed-Loop Restocking for AcuDose-Rx Cabinets

XT Controlled Substance Manager is available for AcuDose-Rx® Automated Dispensing Cabinets, providing a closed-loop restocking process.

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"Omnicell technology has allowed us to drive down discrepancies involving narcotics throughout the entire hospital. We're able to monitor...and know exactly where discrepancies occur to resolve them quickly."

Brad Swiggart, Director of Pharmacy, Germantown Methodist Hospital View More