Pharmacy Carousel

Optimize Your Medication Storage

Space in the pharmacy is at a premium. As a result, medications are typically stored in various locations, making it a daunting and inefficient task for pharmacy technicians to pick and stock medications.

The Omnicell ® Pharmacy Carousel utilizes vertical storage and retrieval technology to consolidate your medication footprint. Having medications closer together reduces the distance technicians have to travel during picking and stocking operations.

Integrated with Omnicell's Central Pharmacy Manager software, the Pharmacy Carousel provides comprehensive medication inventory management, improving staff productivity and reducing medication errors.

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  • Maximizes floor space and storage capacity

  • Improves technician efficiency

  • Provides better security of medications

  • Pick-to-light technology guides user during carousel operations

  • Ergonomically designed with automatic carousel positioning to reduce operator repetitive motion injuries

  • Safety system with light curtain improves operator safety

  • Automatic chain tensioner reduces carousel downtime caused by shifting items

  • Flexible shelving configurations for large and small items as well as fast- and slow-moving medications.

  • Variety of carousel sizes to fit the unique needs of any hospital pharmacy

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"Using Omnicell's carousel and packager, one pharmacist and one technician can complete a cart-fill for more than 180 patients in 60 to 90 minutes. Prior to implementation, this process took the same two people 8 to 10 hours."

David Grant, RPh, MBA, VP of Pharmacy and Clinical Process Improvement, Chambersburg Hospital View More