IV Compounding

The error rate for manually prepared IV admixtures is nearly 1 in 10.¹ As a worldwide leader in IV compounding automation, Omnicell offers a full suite of robotic and IV workflow management solutions to help hospitals and health systems take control of their IV compounding operations to further enhance safety, improve therapy, reduce cost, and facilitate compliance.

To ensure success, we surround our state-of-the art technology with novel data services, applications support, and clinical expertise hospitals and health systems need to best leverage IV automation technology.

¹Flynn EA, Pearson RE, Barker K. Observational study of accuracy in compounding i.v. admixtures at five hospitals. Am J Health-Syst Pharm. 1997;54(8):904-912.

IV Compounding Robots

Omnicell’s automated compounding robot prepares ready-to-administer compounded sterile preparations, completely hands-free, in a contained ISO Class 5 environment.  With our advanced technology, you can address the highest-risk aspects of your pharmacy through a fully automated process that’s safer and more accurate than manual compounding.

IV Workflow Management

Omnicell’s revolutionary IV workflow solution is designed to address the critical and evolving challenges of sterile compounding—today and into the future.  Designed for easy placement within laminar airflow hoods or isolators, Omnicell’s IV workflow management technology supports best practices in aseptic technique and guides technicians in preparing IV doses—safely, accurately, and repeatedly.