Analytics & Performance Center

Harnessing data from automation and other systems empowers healthcare facilities to make great strides in improving their bottom line and patient care. Whether you’re seeking to improve pharmacy operations across a complex health system or pinpoint drug diversion in a single facility, Omnicell offers specialized services and powerful healthcare analytics software to steer you to success.

Analytics Software

How can you make the most of the massive data produced by your medication and supply automation systems? Omnicell helps you cut through data clutter with easy-to-use healthcare analytics software. Armed with these tools, you can more effectively and efficiently combat drug diversion and tackle inventory management issues.

Performance Center

The rising cost and complexity of pharmacy operations often prevents pharmacy from spending time on patient-focused activity. Omnicell Performance Center™ combines a cloud-based predictive intelligence platform with expert services to monitor your pharmacy operations and recommend opportunities for improved efficiency, regulatory compliance, and patient outcomes.