Central Pharmacy Manager Software

Drive More Efficient Pharmacy Workflows

Rising medication costs, drug shortages, and an increased focus on clinical initiatives has pharmacy leadership looking to drive efficiency. Often, one of the most manual and labor-intensive processes in the pharmacy is the medication management and distribution process.

Omnicell's Central Pharmacy Manager software enables pharmacies to streamline their medication processes from the time a medication is received from the wholesaler, to the time a medication is dispensed to a patient or cabinet.

As an integrated part of the Omnicell Unity Enterprise Platform, Central Pharmacy Manager software shares a single database with Omnicell ® Automated Dispensing Cabinets, reducing the burden of redundant data management.

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  • Lowers inventory costs through automated usage-based reordering

  • Ensures accuracy by providing automated reconciliation upon receipt of orders from the wholesaler

  • Saves staff time and reduces costs through improved expiration date tracking

  • Scales to meet the needs of multisite health systems

  • Electronic wholesaler ordering and receiving

  • Pharmacist verification

  • Fingerprint bioID authentication

  • Mobile application available

  • Web-based reordering for remote locations

  • Can support automated inventory storage via the Omnicell Pharmacy Carousel

  • In conjunction with Omnicell Satellite Pharmacy Manager, Central Pharmacy Manager software enables health systems to deploy “hub and spoke” style inventory management
  • Windows 10 Compatible

  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory

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"This provides us with the confidence to run a leaner inventory based on actual demand and enables significant efficiencies in the replenishment and procurement process."

Donna Toney, Director of Pharmacy, Ty Cobb Regional Medical Center View More