Social Responsibility

Making a Difference 

At Omnicell, we are accountable not only to our customers and shareholders, but also to the global community we are all a part of. As a company and as employees, in small ways and large, we look beyond ourselves and seek to make a difference for others. Below are just a few of the ways we have contributed to the world at large through volunteerism and philanthropy.

Compassion Where It’s Needed Most

Mercy Ships Crew and Omnicell

The spirit of our mission—to improve healthcare for everyone—is embodied in our involvement with Mercy Ships, a global charity that delivers free healthcare via its hospital ship to some of the poorest people in the world. Omnicell proudly donated medication dispensing equipment and funds to support this worthy organization.

Many of the procedures performed by Mercy Ships volunteer clinicians are lifesaving—and all are life-changing—as you’ll see in the video.

Omnicell Employees Take Action

Omnicell employee with family at ADA WalkOur employees are known for their passion, energy, and initiative—and they frequently put these qualities to work in the service of others. 

Our Omnicell Cares program helps promote charitable causes employees are involved in, including ones that directly affect a fellow employee who has been stricken with an illness or other hardship. We are proud of our employees’ efforts, which include raising money for prominent charities such as Habitat for Humanity, participating in walk-a-thons to combat a range of mental and physical illnesses, and volunteering time distributing toys and clothing for needy families.

Responding to the Forces of Nature

Disaster Response

In the wake of natural disasters, Omnicell has mobilized to provide needed assistance. Following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida (2017), Omnicell committed financial resources to aid our employees, customers, and communities affected by these catastrophes. Omnicell also allowed employees to take paid time off to volunteer in the affected areas.

After an EF5-rated tornado devastated the town of Joplin, Missouri several years ago, Omnicell came to the aid of St. John’s Medical Center, which suffered major damage. Our priorities were focused on enabling St. John’s to support patient care in the aftermath of this horrific tragedy. Among other assistance, Omnicell donated several automated dispensing cabinets for the tent facility set up near the evacuated hospital.  

Conflict Minerals Policy

We are committed to complying with applicable laws regarding the sourcing of conflict minerals that are used in our products.

We encourage you to read our full conflict minerals policy here.