Robotic Medication Pack Dispensing

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Advanced Solution for Dispensing Medication Packs

Retail and hospital pharmacies face many challenges. Pressures to reduce costs by improving inventory management and increasing staff efficiency must be balanced with the need for patient safety and satisfaction. Omnicell robotic dispensing systems for original pack medications help you address all of these areas by enabling you to streamline the medication ordering process while assuring patient safety, workflow efficiency, and improved inventory control.

Flexibility and Support 

Omnicell will serve as your partner, guiding you through a smooth and efficient transition to an automated pharmacy. Whatever your requirements and workflow, we will tailor an appropriate solution to suit your needs—from a simple, small footprint robot to a sophisticated high-production system.

Chaotic or Channel Technology—Or Both

Omnicell is the only provider of robotic pharmacy systems that combine channel picking, chaotic storage, and arm picking in the same system. 

  • Offers the speed of channel dispensing for rapid movers with efficient storage of chaotic system for slow to medium movers.
  • Channel system allows picking of unique drugs within 3-4 seconds
  • Combining channel and chaotic picking enables four robotic arms in one system 

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  • Reduce time spent searching for medications, freeing up time to interact with patients
  • Improve patient safety by reducing dispensing errors
  • Improve inventory control and savings
  • Increase dispensary output 24/7
  • Optimize use of space in the pharmacy
  • Reduce patient waiting time
  • Create a less hectic, more organized dispensing environment
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“Automation has improved our efficiency, accuracy and safety. With most of our stock now being stored and picked by the robot, the dispensary imparts a feeling of calm and efficiency. Smooth workflow systems have resulted in an improvement in turnaround times and a reduction in picking errors.”

Jan Groves, St James Hospital, Gledhow Wing, United Kingdom View More